About Tam

I know how much we depend on safe roads, strong schools and responsive emergency services and I will work to fund them responsibly. As a dedicated volunteer and Fire Board Chair, I know the importance of having informed and involved community members. I will actively seek your input on the issues facing our diverse communities in District 7. Thank you for your support.


My Story


21 Year Resident of Willow

My husband Gordon and I moved to Willow with our 2 young daughters in 1997. We lived in a mobile home without running water or electricity for eight years before building a house on our property. In 2015, we were in the middle of the Sockeye Wildfire and many of our neighbors tragically lost their homes. The stress of that nightmare took a toll on our family and Gordon died of cancer in 2016. My daughters and I have been cleaning up the damage from the wildfire and trying to rebuild our lives without Gord. It hasn’t been easy but we are grateful to our many friends for their support. My daughter Talon works as an Emergency Operations Center Specialist with the Mat-Su Borough. My daughter Cicely is a Firefighter/Engineer with both the Willow-Caswell, and West Lakes Fire Departments.


Active Community Volunteeer

Our family has been involved in community activities for over 2 decades. We clean up trash as part of the Adopt a Highway program; we manage the Newman’s Hilltop Softball team, and are active in the Willow Area Community Organization. I am currently a member of the Willow Historical and Wildlife Foundation, Youth Forum, Carnival Committee, Garden Club, Fire Department Auxiliary, and WACO Communications Committee.


Fire Board Chair

The Willow community rallied behind our local fire department in 2015, and asked the Mat-Su Borough to increase the mill rate. New fire stations were built, additional apparatus acquired, and more responders were recruited. As a result, our local ISO rating dropped and so did our homeowner’s insurance rates- by an average of 35%. I am proud to have led the charge for improved fire service and cost savings for Willow families.

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